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Following our original vision and philosophy, Tectus Design is a leader in designing personalized experiences, tailor made for every client. By understanding our client's personality in detail and matching them with their needs and desires, we are committing ourselves to creating an idea from scratch, visualizing it with architectural, technical, and photorealistic designs and bringing it to life by building it from start to finish.

Always basing our ideas and proposals on our knowledge of the constant evolution of global trends, new techniques, materials, structural and decorative elements, we ensure the ergonomics and functionality of each design. Thus we create a uniquely usable experience while emphasizing the significance of aesthetics of the final product.

Project Management

The detailed project planning and the execution of the plan, the strategic allocation of resources and their maximum optimization, are some of the leading features that distinguish us and that provide strong foundation for guaranteeing, in each of our creations, the high quality of the construction, the consistency in the delivery time and the economic efficiency. Basic principles of our vision and philosophy that have remained intact over the years.

The coordination and supervision of a project by our specialized team starts right after the birth of the idea and continues through all the design phases, until the handover of the project to our client. We are continuously present in the action, to respond to the unique requirements and expectations that may arise, but also to identify and eliminate any risks in advance. In that way, we always work according to our doctrine, to build and create personalized experiences as well as stable and timeless relationships with our clients.



The culmination of all processes of studying, coordinating, and monitoring a project. One of, if not the most important of our services. Our team of skilled construction crews, such as plumbers, electricians, shipping yards and many more, overtakes every phase of the construction down to the smallest detail.

By managing the 3 pillars of a successful project: guaranteed quality, fixed costs, and timely completion of construction, we consistently achieve our ultimate goal: the turnkey delivery of the project to the client (turn key solution), while focusing on an efficient management of the different factors, variations, and shortcomings of each design. Without ever forgetting, but instead promoting safety, trust, and excellent communication for a successful outcome.

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