Agora Cafe/Bar

Agora Cafe/Bar | Athens, Greece

We proudly present Agora Cafe Bar, Athens – an embodiment of elegance blending classic and modern aesthetics.

The entrance of Agora Cafe Bar offers a glimpse into a realm where history and innovation unite. Inside, wood paneling sets a warm and inviting scene, enriched by the gleam of gold accents. Greek-inspired statues imbue the space with a sense of legacy and tradition, while the striking marble bar forms the heart of Agora.

Gold takes center stage in the color palette, evoking Athens’ rich history, while understated earth tones create a refined backdrop. The classic décor is seamlessly integrated with modern comforts, curating an unparalleled atmosphere.

The layout balances intimacy with grandiosity. Seating areas offer a serene space for conversation, enveloped by echoes of Grecian heritage, while the openness speaks to an age of splendor. The marble bar stands as an invitation for patrons to share stories over finely crafted drinks and in the back, we have designed a dedicated secret room for groups above 8 ppl that require more privacy.

Agora Cafe Bar is more than just an establishment; it is a harmonious blend of historical richness and contemporary elegance. This creation is testament to our passion for merging timeless design with modern sensibilities.

You are warmly invited to experience Agora Cafe Bar – a place where every moment is a tribute to classic grace and modern luxury.




  • Area: 750 m2
  • Project Duration: 4 months
  • Design Supervision: Tectus Design
  • Materials Used: Marble, Gold Sheets, Velvet

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