TECTUS DESIGN company utilizing its extensive experience in the fields of architecture and interior design offers since 1989, a reliable coverage of the current needs by providing a comprehensive set of services, related to interior and exterior design as well as building architecture.

The continuous monitoring of international developments, the new technologies and materials (building & decorative) by our team composed of specialized partners, have led us to undeniable success and fully cover the needs of every client, consistently and responsibly.

Our proposals have been implemented effectively in hundreds of commercial spaces, cafes, bars, offices, dwelling spaces, hotels, yachts..

With Mr. Andreas Tomaras in charge, we are at your disposal to discuss any questions and to implement your any ideas anywhere in the world if necessary.


TECTUS DESIGN composed by a team of architects, designers and decorators that cooperate to design high quality projects, ensure innovation and functionality based on the constant updating of international trends in design.

Result of our services is the continuing discrimination of spaces our company has seized and for its innovative design and quality of construction.

We are one of the first companies in preference to owners of commercial and private premises, regardless of size and character, because of our comprehensive proposals in our study, supervision and construction of their spaces.

Our goal is to help our client discover the real needs and satisfy them with the help of our professional staff and our organized workshops which are staffed with experienced and specialized craftsmen.

Many commercial spaces in our over 25 years of progress have been completed and are a guarantee of success and confirmation of the quality services we provide. Show samples of our work is done occasionally in architectural and design content magazines.